The History of Mariachi

Mariachi Vargas in 1932

A brief History of Mariachi

Mariachi music is a genre of Mexican folk music that has its roots in the 18th century and has evolved over time to include various styles and instruments. It is an integral part of Mexican culture and is enjoyed by people all over the world. The traditional mariachi ensemble consisted of string instruments such as the violin, vihuela, and guitar, guitarron, guitarra de golpe, as well as Brass instruments such as the trumpet. The guitarron, a large, 6 string deep-bodied Mexican bass guitar, was later added to the ensemble to provide a stronger bass line. Over time, mariachi music has also incorporated accordions and other instruments, and has evolved to include a wider range of styles and arrangements. Mariachi music is commonly performed at celebrations such as weddings, quinceañeras, and festivals, and is also enjoyed as a form of entertainment. It has become a symbol of Mexican culture and is recognized as a unique and important part of the country's musical heritage 

Mariachi Coculense, The first "Studio" Mariachi

Mariachi Vargas, circa 1946. Back: Arturo Mendoza, Gonzalo Meza, Miguel Martínez, José Asunción Casillas, Roque Alcalá, Gaspar Vargas Front: Rubén Fuentes, Silvestre Vargas, José Contreras, Santiago Torres Colección de Miguel Martínez